Clinicians and Speakers


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Guy McLean

  • Natural Horsemanship
  • Liberty
  • Building on the Basics
  • Ken McNabb

    • Building Confidence
    • Building a Solid Foundation
    • Overcoming Problems¬†

    Patrick King

    • Body Control
    • Garrocha Training
    • Correct Aids and Cues

    Robin Brueckmann

    • Center Riding
    • Classic and Western Dressage
    • Yoga: key to fit ridding

    Josh Guin

    • Solving common trail problems
    • Colt Starting Judge¬†

    Carl Bledsoe

    • Gaited Horses
    • Developing Softness
    • Steps to Achieving the Correct Gait

    Perry Neal

    • Working Cattle
    • Vaquero Roping
    • Tools to Help Train Your Horse

    Speakers and Entertainment

    Alayne Blickle

    • Facility Management
    • Clean Water and Mud
    • Natural Fixes to Common Problems

    Tori McLeod

    • Facility Safety
    • Safe Trailering
    • Disaster Preparation

    Celisse Barrett

    Equestrian Chaos

    • Trick Riding/stunt team
    • Mounted Archery
    • Path INT. Therapeutic Riding

    Andrea Gibson

    • Miniature Horse Therapy
    • Guilt Free Horse Ownership

    Stephanie Wilkins

    • Masterson Method

    Saddle Up!

    • Equine Service Industry
    • Equine Assisted Services Demo

    MNP Mounted Patrol

    • Overview of Mounted patrol activities and training

    Wayne Williams

    Speaking of Horses

    • Equine Trivia Contest

    Grace Thompson

    • Working at Liberty

    Dr. Allison Stewart

    • Equine Colic

    Dr. Christine Cocquyt

    • Basic First Aid/Physical Exam

    Colt Starters

    Head shot
    Amelia Joyner
    cat Zimmerman
    Cat Zimmerman
    Tiffany Mclaury