Breed Demonstrations

Overview of Breed Demo

Keeping in line with our two main objectives, to promote the horse industry as a whole and to provide an educational portal for horse enthusiast, we invite all breed associations, special interests and disciplines to showcase their horses and events. 

Demonstrations of Breeds is  an educational presentation highlighting horse breeds and or riding discipline.  

Selection Process

  • Groups representing the national & state organizations will be given first consideration.
  • Individuals wishing to represent a breed independent of an official association will screened by Southern Equine Expo Management prior to being accepted.
    • Individuals interested in representing their breed at the Southern Equine Expo are encouraged to contact their breed associations and get them involved.
  • Event management retains the right to limit the number of representatives per breed or discipline or to decline or prohibit participation by an animal/farm/owner, which in the management’s opinion is not suitable to and in keeping with the standards of Southern Equine Expo.
  • Demonstrations focused solely on promoting stallions, farms, sales or other commercial activities are prohibited.

How Breeds are Showcased

  • Presentations in the Main Arena should represent the breed by showcasing the typical events or riding disciplines of that breed. Groups representing a specific discipline should incorporate the scope of the event.
  • Breeds selected for riding demonstrates will have  7 to 10-minute demonstrations each day. 
  • Horses representing breeds in-hand will be led into the arena and given 3-5 minutes in the arena.
  • Following the presentation, horse will be on display at the end of the arena for the public toask questions and see the horses up close.
  • A 150’x75′ displayed area at the end of the main arena with 4 individual panel stalls for showcasing individuals to the public. 
  • The display area provides an opportunity for people to learn more about the horses shown in the breed demo and about the breed or discipline.
  • Horses are stalled in 10×10 corral panel stalls.
  • Due to the noise and unperdictable nature of people and horses, no horse will be displayed outside the stall.  
  • Informational tables will be available in the Breed area for people to collect information and ask questions.
Vendor Booth-Sold out in 2024
  • Breed and/or riding discipline associations receive a discounted vendor rate.
  • Only one breed may occupy a vendor booth.
  •  Live demonstrations are not required.  However, live demonstrations increase awareness and promote association activities.


  • All horses must be kept in a stall when not ridden during the Southern Equine Expo. There will be NO horses tied to or left in trailers unattended during the Expo.
  • The Stall Reservation form must be completed after breed or discipline is approved.
  • A Stall Reservation Form must be completed in order to reserve a stall(s) and returned with clinic deposit.
    1. One form per horse must be completed and a copy of this form will be placed on your assigned stall by our staff before your arrival.
    2. The cost for overnight stalls is  $25 per night. This fee must be paid in advance.
    3. The cost for day stalls is $20/day and you must provide or purchase two (2) bags of shavings minimum to be used in the stall.
    4. Stalls are limited to a maximum of four (4) per breed demonstration unless agreed to in advance by Southern Equine Expo.
  • You may bring your own bedding to the show, or you may pre-order bedding on the attached Stall Reservation Form. If you plan on purchasing baled shavings, this must be done IN ADVANCE via the Stall Reservation Form. The cost of bedding is $8.00 per bag if ordered prior to the event.