Cole Cameron

Cole Cameron was raised in the western way of life. Born in Arizona, raised in Texas and son to World Champion and Hall of Fame Cowboy, Craig. Cameron has spent his life on family ranches in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. 

He was always a top student and a highly-gifted athlete. Cameron was a standout 3-sport athlete in high school, earning all-district honors in football, winning a state championship and earning a scholarship to play college football at Texas A&M University. Upon graduating with his bachelors in agriculture, Cameron decided to pursue a graduate degree, earning a rodeo scholarship and a spot on the Texas A&M Rodeo Team. Cameron competed for two years for the Texas A&M Rodeo Team and twice at the College National Finals in Casper, Wyoming.

Cameron has worked with some of the top horse trainers over the years and has competed in multiple disciplines including, cutting, team roping, and reined cow horse. 

Cameron has worked as a clinician and entertainer at multiple expos including the Michigan Horse Expo, South Dakota Horse Expo and Equidays of New Zealand. In the past year, Cameron has traveled to five countries and sixteen US States conducting horsemanship clinics on his own. He continues to travel nationally and internationally, teaching the Ride Smart Method that has been passed down from father to son. Cole is following in his father’s footsteps, helping people worldwide develop great horses and horsemanship, while keeping the western and cowboy way of life alive. 

Cameron is the 2021 Road to the Horse Wildcard Champion, 2023 Road to the Horse Reserve world champion, and a 5x EXCA world champion along with many other awards. Cameron shows regularly in NRCHA, SHTX (stock horse of Texas) and East Texas Stock Horse association. Cole continues to follow in his father’s footsteps while also blazing his own path.

At the 2022 EXCA World Championships, Cameron claimed the Pro Division World Championship which secured his entry into the 2023 Calgary Stampede Cowboy Up Challenge. He also looks forward to clinics in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, as well as all across the United States, in 2023.

Cole Cameron's Clinics

Friday, February 23

The Buck Stops Here!
Description: Success in the saddle begins on the ground. Cole will show the value of teaching a horse to trust you and look to you as their leader through his groundwork techniques. Cole will prepare the young horse for the most important day of their life, the first ride.

Starting a Colt While Horseback
Description: Starting or advancing the green horse while working from another horse. Techniques and tips for
working young horses horseback that will advance the skills of both horse and rider. Cole will
demonstrate methods to safely start a young horse from his seasoned ranch horse.

Saturday, February 24

Building the Foundation
Description: The key to riding successfully is having a horse with a solid foundation of essential skills and communication between horse and rider. Watch as Cole starts to build a foundation from the first saddling to the first ride. As Cole steps on a young colt for the first time, he is already preparing the horse for their future.

Building Confidence with Obstacles for the Novice Rider
Description: Develop more confidence while working with obstacles. If you get your horse used to obstacles you will create a more trusting, willing,
interested and safe horse. Obstacles should be included in everyday training and used to be both creative and challenging for horse and rider. Cole will help riders build confidence with their horse while developing better feel, timing and balance through the use of obstacles.
Requirements: People that are comfortable and can contro their horses and the walk and trot.  $50/horse. Full

Sunday, February 25
Saturday, February 24

Ranch Pleasure for the Novice Rider
Description: Ranch pleasure has grown dramatically in popularity since its inception into AQHA. Participants will work to demonstrate smooth movements and controlled transitions. Ranch pleasure allows riders to have a well-rounded horse working in its natural gait. Cole will work with participants to achieve control at the walk, trot and canter, while developing smooth transitions in confidence. 60 minutes
Requirements: Rider that are comfortable and in control at the walk, trot and canter on their horse.  Horse must be able to be comfortable in a arena setting and be able to walk, trot and canter.  $40/horse. Three Participants

Beginning Cow Work for Competition
Description: Techniques to take your horse past the novice stage of competitive cow work. These exercises and drills are good for any horse any age
to achieve a better handle. Cole will help with position, control and timing that is involved with working cattle that will help build confidence for horse and rider. 75 minutes
Requirements: FULL