Grace Thompson

Grace Thompson, of GET Horsemanship, works out of her facility in eastern Tennessee, starting colts and gentling wild Mustangs.  

Grace has been training mustangs and competing in Extreme Mustang Makeovers all over the US since 2018. She was the Ft Worth 2020 EMM Young Gun Champion.

Grace was team lead on an international project to gentle and send 18 wild mustangs to Germany for an EMM competition over seas.  

Graces favorite discipline is Liberty, and she enjoys teaching others the fundamentals of working horses at liberty. 

Grace and her personal mustangs, work in Chattanooga with the Mustang Leadership Program weekly. She helps teach and lead the young ladies in this program in further understanding basic horsemanship as well as the fundamentals of Liberty training and learning about body control through ground work. 


Grace Thompson's Clinic

Saturday, February 24

Fundamentals of Liberty
Description: Grace will talk through 3 basic guidelines to better your relationship with your horse at liberty.