Paul Garrison

Paul Garrison III started Garrison Mulemanship and Training (GMT) many years ago because of the interest that sprang up in the public wanting to learn how to properly communicate with this incredible long eared equine. He started training his own stock to accept and negotiate obstacles as well as properly excepting and responding to rein and leg cues. 

He has attended several clinics offered both horse and mule clinicians, to include Brad Cameron and Buck Brannaman as well as taking advantage of the horse and mule clinicians that could be seen on RFD TV (2011-2014) and other media outlets. Garrison also gleaned much of his knowledge of the equine from a wide range of printed materials. 

GMT competed in the 2015 and 2016 American Mule Trainers Challenge (AMTC) held in Truth of Consequences New Mexico. Also competed in the Missouri Mule Makeover in 2021. 

Paul has been offering his own Mulemanship/Trail clinics and private clinics since 2014 helping folks with a wide range of issues that commonly come up when dealing with the mule. The mules owner has to be taught how to effectively communicate with the mule. Garrison often says. “Training the mule is easy compared to training the human, especially if the human has been involved with horses in the past.” Tom Dorance said it best and I quote “you must train a mule like you should train a horse” which means you have to be on top of your equine training game to train a mule, there are no shortcuts with the mule.

Paul Garrison's Clinics

Friday, February 23

Description: Paul will cover what it means to have control of the feet as applied to the mule and the human.  Paul will demonstrate the skills needed to present yourself as a leader the mule can recognize.
Saddling a Mule.
Description: Why we saddle a mule differently than a horse.

Halter Driving
Description: Taking control of the mules feet while unmounted. 

Saturday, February 24

Confidence and Safety
Description: Confidence is a key in having a safe relationship with your mule.
Five Pillars of Mulemanship. Lecture
Description: Our philosophy for how to have a working relationship with a mule.

Importance of Groundwork. 
Description: Proper ground work that makes sense to the mule is the best way to insure a safe and fruitful ride.

Sunday, February 25

Mule Soccer
Description: Confidence is a key in having a safe relationship with your mule.

Myler Combo Bit
Description: Why we only use the Myler Combo Bit