Patrick Sullivan

At 26 years old, Patrick Sullivan took his first horsemanship lesson in March 2015. He did not grow up around horses, nor was he passionate about them until much later in life.

Patrick grew up in Dallas, TX but was not involved with horses, instead had a passion for soccer. He played high school, collegiate, and professional soccer. Patrick coached collegiate soccer for 4 years starting in 2011, and was the head soccer coach for a high school. In 2015, Patrick graduated with his MBA in International Management from the University of Houston- Victoria.

Once Patrick found horses in 2015, he was hooked. He was constantly learning and wanting to develop his skills. Over the past 8 years, he has accomplished as much as he could have ever imagined in such a short period of time. He has developed a passion for liberty horsemanship and the power it has to transform the horse human connection.

During the 8 years, Patrick has done the following: 

  • Studied and interned with Ryan Rose, professional Brooklyn, WI.
  • Worked with Dan James, of Double Dan Horsemanship from 2019 to 2021. Since then has competed in the Mustang Makeover (TX), finishing Top 20 and 2nd in the newcomers.
  • Finished Second in the Freestyle Pro Division in the ILHA Championships 2020.
  • Started a non-profit called Gamilah Unbridled that helps provide liberty horsemanship to youth and rescue horses. Through Gamilah Unbridled Patrick accomplished the following:
    • Riding 2500 miles from California-Kentucky completely bridleless. Visited 20 non-profits.
    • Rescue Horse Project – transforming 7 of the toughest rescue horses in the country using only liberty techniques.
    • The Extra Mile – turning some of the most challenging rescue horses into advanced liberty horses. Upon completion they were working in 4 horse liberty teams
  • Earned the Grand Champion title in the 2022 Appalachian Trainer Face Off professional division.

Patrick Sullivan's Clinics

Friday, February 23

Introduction to Liberty
Description: This clinic will show attendees how to start their horses at Liberty, from the first session. 60 minutes
Requirements: FULL

Introduction to Bridleless
Description: This Clinic will show attendees how to get started with bridleless riding.  Discussing pre-requistes and how to progress to removing the bridle.
Requirements: Rider must be comfortable and confident riding horse at all three gaits (walk, trot, canter). Horse needs to have a solid foundation under saddle, must be able to walk/trot/canter, stop and steer.  Must be able to provide video.  Full

Gamilah Unbridled: The 2500-mile Bridleless Cross Country Ride. Lecture
Description: In 2021 Patrick Sullivan rode his 2 Egyptian Arabians from California to Kentucky completely bridleless, stopping at 17 different non-profits. Join us as we discuss the journey and answer questions.Full

Saturday, February 24

Problem Solving at Liberty
Description: Liberty gives us the ability to work through many challenges with our horses from herd bound, bolting, standing for the farrier, and more. 60 minutes
Requirements: Horse with some sort of behavioral issue of problem (on the ground).  Patrick will work with the horse if the handler is not comfortable.  One participant. Full

Advanced Liberty
Description: This demonstration will address how we progress from the first few Liberty sessions to working on more advanced maneuvers. No Outside Riders

Why is Liberty Important? The Power of Freedom
Description: In 2022 Gamilah unbridled took in 7 of the toughest rescue horses in the country and transformed their lives with liberty. Join us as we discuss what we learned and the importance of giving horses the freedom to choose.

Sunday, February 25

Building a Liberty Team
Description: Many of us have seen Liberty performances with multiple horses free, but how to get there can be a mystery. This demonstration will show different exercises to get your Liberty team started. No Outside Horses

Advanced Bridleless
Description: The sky is the limit when it comes to riding bridleless.  This demonstration will show how we start working on collection, lateral movement, and other aspects of riding, all bridleless. No Outside Riders

Liberty and Brideless Training: Breaking it all Down.  Lecture
Description: Join us as we discuss how we approach liberty and bridleless training.  We welcome attendees to come with any questions they may have.