Michael Lyons

Michael Lyons made the decision to dedicate his life to learning the ways of horsemanship after working and seeing the impact his family made on the equine industry. Following the teachings of his family, as well as his own experiences, Michael is able to pass on proven methods to horses and riders. Michael resides in North Carolina with his wife, Julia Lyons where they teach clinics, lessons, and train horses. Michael enjoys taking the legacy that his Father, John Lyons “America’s Most Trusted Horseman” created and providing the knowledge that he can to help riders learn more about how to effectively communicate with their horses.

Michael Lyons' Clinics and Lectures

Friday, March 17

Learn to Maintain Speed at All Gaits
If your horse struggles to hold speed at different gaits, then this demo is for you! Learn how to teach your horse to maintain pace in your slow trot, extended trot, and loping. No outside riders

Create the Best Stop
Description: Teaching your horse to stop well is an important piece in our riding. It is both a mental and a physical maneuver. Learn how we teach our horses to stop willingly and balanced.

Lecture: Understanding How Your Horse Learns
Descriptions: Have you ever wondered how your horse learns? Knowing this key piece can make breaking down and teaching anything to your horse possible. Michael will talk about the learning stages and training formula that we use for every single horse in any discipline.

Saturday, March 18

Intro to Ranch Riding
Description: Learn how to start getting your horse prepared for the Ranch Riding Pen. Or if you are not into showing, learn how to get an incredible handle on your horse for both inside and outside of the arena. Ranch Riding promotes a soft, willingly guided and confident horse that is versatile in many environments. Michael will discuss how to get started in this awesome sport. No outside riders

Unlocking Your Horses Body & Mind
Description: Learning how to communicate with your horse and utilize their body in the correct manner is the secret to success with any horse. Learn how we use body control of soften the face and mind as well as create a happy horse both physically and mentally. No outside riders

Sunday, March 19

The Art of Ranch Riding
Description: Ranch Riding promotes a soft, willingly guided, versatile horse. In this clinic we will talk about different exercises you can do to create a great ranch horse both in the show pen and outside of it. We will also talk about what the judge is looking for and how you can improve your scores.
Requirements:  Riders who are interested in Ranch Riding or already showing in it. $50/rider

Training Fundamentals
Description: Learn the exercises that we use to create a solid foundation in any horse. These exercises are the fundamental building blocks in any discipline. We will work on guiding, speed control, and relaxation with your horse as well as talk about the training stages.
Requirements: Riders wanting to learn how to take his/her horse to the next level by building a more solid foundation. $50/horse