Julia Lyons

Julia Lyons fell in love with horses at a very young age and has experience in various disciplines such as dressage, and many western events. She loves taking what she learned from that as well as her time spent alongside of her husband, Michael Lyons, to teach riders how they can best develop strong relationships with their horses for both inside the arena and outside of it. Julia is passionate about helping riders achieve their goals, and guiding equestrians to best understand how they can overcome their fear in the saddle. She operates a training facility in Randleman, NC with Michael where they teach clinics, coach a Ranch Riding Show Team, and train horses.

Julia Lyon's Clinics and Lectures

Friday, March 17

Relaxation Thru Ground Work
Description: Teaching our horses to relax is the first step in the training process. A nervous horse is not a learning horse. Learn our method we use on the ground to teach our horses to relax themselves and engage mentally with their handler. A relaxed, responsive, and engaged horse is capable of learning anything. No Outside horses.

Lecture Understand Your Fear So You Can Overcome It
Description: There is more to fear than just telling yourself to “suck it up and get over it.” Julia will best help you understand where your fear comes from, how the brain processes it and techniques you can use to overcome it. Truly understanding it is the first step in your Riding Fear-Less Journey

Saturday, March 18

Riding Fear-less
Description: Overcoming fear is something I spent many years trying to overcome. It took me taking a deep dive in learning more about myself, how the brain processes fear, and how we can best cope with it before I was able to conquer it myself. In this demo you will better understand your fear and have tangible techniques that you can utilize to start your Riding Fear-Less Journey. No Outside Horses

Sunday, March 19

The Art of Ranch Riding
Description: Ranch Riding promotes a soft, willingly guided, versatile horse. In this clinic we will talk about different exercises you can do to create a great ranch horse both in the show pen and outside of it. We will also talk about what the judge is looking for and how you can improve your scores.
Requirements: Riders who are interested in Ranch Riding or already showing in it. $50/Rider

Training Fundamentals
Description: Learn the exercises that we use to create a solid foundation in any horse. These exercises are the fundamental building blocks in any discpline. We will work on guiding, speed control, and relaxation with your horse as well as talk about the training stages.
Requirements: Riders wishing to step up to the next level by learning how to build a solid foundation. $50/rider