Jennifer Bauer

Jennifer Bauer is a internationally known gaited horse clinician who conducts throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin River Falls with a degree in animal science equine business. Jennifer works with riders to create communication and trust with their equine partner.

Through this riders learn how their aides, balance, and movements affect the horse’s movement. Horse’s mirror what the rider does, the more the rider is aware of what they do, the better the rider can communicate with our horse.

Jennifer Bauer's Clinics

Friday, February 23

Ground Work for the Gaited Horse
Description: Working on collection from the ground. Beginning to ask the gaited horse to work from the hindend.-No Outside Riders

Controlling your horse’s feet. how our aids guide the horse
Description: Going over how our aids affect the horse’s feet. Better communication with our horse creates a safer trail horse.  Controlling the horse’s feet allows us to adjust the gait.

The gaited horse, separating facts from myths-Lecture
Description: Discussion over the misconceptions on how to train or work your gaited horse

Saturday, February 24

No go, too much go. Gaiting in control
Description: Are you begging your horse to go of have to hold them back all the time?  Exercises to help create a smooth even gait.
Requirements: Participants having problems with speed control. Cost $25/ horse

How our body affects the horse’s balance and gait
Description: Showing how our body affects how the horse moves and balance while we ride.  Showing also the biggest difference in riding a trotting horse to a gaited horse.
Requirements: Rider is someone that is having difficulty gaiting. $25/rider

Tack and equipment for the gaited horse-Lecture
Description: What is different about the gaited horse back.  How bits affect the horse’s movement.

Sunday, February 25

Exercises to work on collection
Description: Advancing work to lift the horse’s back.  Creating collection for a smooth and safe trail horse.
Requirements: Riders that have their horse’s under control but want to work on collection. $25/rider

Pace, where is that brace
Description: Changing a horse from pacing to gaiting.  Exercises to release the brace in the back to allow the horse to move and gait.
Requirements: Pacey horses, and or horses not giating Cost $25/ horse