Chris French

Chris and Merlin

Chris French makes his home in the beautiful hills of Southwestern Iowa-Bedford Iowa. Along with his wife Sarah and five children Paden-11, Clara-8, Celia-7, Haddi-5, Claet-5 and two dogs, together they love the Lord and thank Him often for His many blessings, together they enjoy-trail riding, bon-fires and anything involving a mule or horse.

Chris was first introduced to the mule in his late teens. An avid equestrian from an early age he was hooked on this wonderful animal moving forward in his career as a trainer. As founder of Rafter CF Training Mule Company, he has trained mules and horses for more than twenty years. He is especially sought after for his persistent and patient approach, weather starting a young mule that is a clean slate or working with a mule that is older and has failed to gain the trust and respect of other riders. He thrives on building meaningful partnerships with mule and their owners meant to last a lifetime.

Chris has enjoyed competing in numerous colt starting competing over the years. The Iowa Horse Fair, winning in 2015 and 2017. The Plumb Creek Colt starting challenge, winning in 2012 and 2013. The River Valley Colt Starting Competition, winning in 2017 and taking home the “people’s choice award’ in 2014 and 2015. Chris was also a competitor in the American Mule Trainers Challenge in 2015 and 2019. Chris has also enjoys showing in many societies and futurities and show circuits, winning numerous buckle series and three year old futurity awards.

Over the years Rafter CF Training Mule Company has produced and trained mules out of First Choice Colonel’s Copyright- these bloodlines have excelled on the trail, in the show ring and in many other disciplines for Chris and many other well-known trainers in the industry. At Rafter CF Training we are proud to offer the equine industry both quality training and progressive genetics. We are constantly seeking to advance and improve the mule industry- Currently standing Copyright’s most current offspring Copyright’s InFrenchment and Copyright’s CopyKat as well as Rafter CF Here’s Johnny. In addition to training and breeding facilities at Rafter CF, Chris’s wife Dr. Sarah French is a veterinarian and specializes in equine medicine focusing on reproduction.

Our motto at Rafter CF Training Mule Company is “Patience and persistence is the key to an overall balanced equine.”

Chris’s Clinics

Friday: Mulemanship 1
Description: Basic exercises you can use to get control of your mule and their body parts from the ground.

Saturday: Mulemanship 2
Description: After getting control of your mule’s body parts from Friday’s session 1, how to apply this control in the saddle all the while staying collected and soft in your hands, side passing, backing/backing circles, counter bend, and two tracking.