Trixie Chicks

Kelsey Gascon, the owner of the Trixie Chicks, has a Master’s Degree in Equestrian Education. She was crowned the 2016 Women’s Champion-North American Trick Riding Championships (Las Vegas, NV). She has won every women’s trick riding competition she has competed in since starting her career in 2012. Shelby Epperson, the founder of the Trixie Chicks, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture Business & Enterprise Management. In addition to traveling around the world performing and teaching equestrian trick riding, Kelsey & Shelby spend their time managing Gascon Horsemanship & The Horse Guru – Michael Gascon, their services and events, and over 100 horses on their ranch down in Mississippi. The Trixie Chicks have also started a sponsorship program where they are able to offer students around the world, the opportunity to come train and perform alongside them.

Trixie Chick's Performances and Clinics

Trick Riding Performances Each Day
Friday, March 17 and Saturday March 18 clinics

Trick Riding 101
Description: Interested in what goes into trick riding? Come learn the fundamentals of safety and training that it takes to become a professional trick rider. You will also see a demo of extreme and fancy riding skills!