Patrick King

Passionate about dressage and classical equestrian ideals, Patrick King seeks the wisdom of the great riding masters- both past and present- and shares this knowledge with his students.
Patrick has devoted his life to learning and teaching great horsemanship.
Patrick’s career in the horse industry began with starting colts and working with challenging horses. This work afforded him opportunities to ride and collaborate with some of the best horsemen and women in the industry, including extended time with master western horseman Ray Hunt.
To date, Patrick has started well over two thousand young horses under saddle, setting the stage for horses of many disciplines. Along this journey, he met several influential dressage trainers including Mark Russell, a student of Master Nuno Oliveira, who brought many new ideas and set Patrick down another path in his horsemanship journey by introducing an understanding of the biomechanics of the horse and the influence that has on feel and timing. Following down this path, Patrick continues as a student of the horse and the classical masters, spending most winters each year working with Master Luis Valenca (and family) in Portugal, who is widely regarded as the greatest living practitioner of classical dressage in the world today, and as a short term student at the Royal School of Equestrian Art in Jerez, Spain.
Patrick works collaboratively with many trainers, horsemen, and experts throughout the year in his clinics and his podcast, ‘Talking About Horses’. Sharing his experiences and discoveries fuel the passion that keeps him on the road so many days each year. Patrick enjoys providing solutions for challenges and bridging the gaps between foundation training, advanced horsemanship, and dressage.

Patrick King's Clinics

Friday, March 18th

The Rider’s Aids, Refined
Description: Regardless of your breed or discipline, it’s important to understand the timing, balance, and tactfulness that lead to advanced conversations with your horse. 

Unlocking and Accessing Your Horse’s Body 
Description: Relaxation. Thoroughness. Engagement. Connection. Collection.  All these (and more) are important elements of developing your equine athlete – and they all start with unlocking and gaining access to the entire body. 

Understanding Lateral Work
Description: Lecture- Learn the theory and understand the mechanics involved with proper lateral work to develop your horse as an athlete and a partner. “Ride” from your seat to prepare for what you will ask of your horse.

Saturday, March 19th

Understanding Lateral Work
Description: Not all “sideways” or “body control” is helpful lateral work.  Learn the “what, how, and why” of lateral movements to develop your horse as an athlete and responsive partner. 

Introduction to Work In Hand
Description: Lecture Learn about the intricacies of beginning your in-hand work in a way that encourages your horse to be a relaxed and willing partner and athlete. Learn to unlock tensions, braces, and holding patterns that often interfere with performance. 

Sunday, March 20th

Introduction to Lateral Work
Description: Riders learn to introduce and advance their lateral work to develop their equine athletes under saddle. 
Rider Requirements: Riders and horses need to be able to walk, trot , and canter with control.  Clinic is suitable for intermediate and above riders.  Cost $75/horse

Getting Started with Garrocha
Description: A centuries old tool… for modern improvement.  Working Equitation and beyond.  Riders will learn how to introduce themselves and their horses to riding with the garrocha. 
Rider Requirements: Any disciplines or breeds, so long as they are safe under saddle in the expo enviromant and confident riding with one hand.  no riders under 18 years old.  Cost $75