Amy Vanner

Amy has been an equine professional for over 25 years. She studied Equine Science while attending MTSU before training underneath top-level trainers. She has learned from a variety of disciplines, but stays true to using both natural & classical principles of training & riding. Amy has Aspergers, and because of this she has developed a unique and no-nonesense training style that is very easy to understand. Amy studied rider biomechanics under Colleen Kelly, and is her protege’ & the current President of the International Society of Rider Biomechanics. The International Society of Rider Biomechanics certifies instructors ariund tge world.

Amy also owns STARS Sporthorses in the Chattanooga, TN area where she teaches riders, trains horses, breeds pinto warmblood horses & is currently promoting her pinto warmblood stallion, Locutus AV. Amy coaches riders in a wide variety of disciplines. Amy is currently launching the Virtual Equestrian Academy which will be an amazing source for learning.

Amy Vanner's Lectures and Clinics

Friday, March 17

Lecture: Is Your Horse Ready to Learn?
Learn how to read your horse & make sure that they are in the right mindset for learning. This will help you get more out of your training & riding sessions & will help you to have a more harmonious partnership with your horse.

Rider Biomechanics – Seat & Position for all Disciplines
How to fix & test proper riding position for riders of all disciplines.
Requirements: Riders need to wear a helmet. Can be English’s or Western, but needs to have a bit. Any level of rider is ok for the clinic, and it is ok for have mixed experienced levels. For this clinic would prefer horses that are not too hot as I will be doing some position testing. Cost $30/rider

Saturday, March 18

Rider Biomechanics – Jumping Position.
How to fix & test a balanced/secure jumping position.
Requirements: Riders should be comfortable with jumping small fences to 2’3″ or 2’6″ at a trot and canter. Cost $40/rider

Lecture: Helping Seat & Position for All Disciplines.
Learn how to easily improve seat, posture & balance by using rider biomechanics principles no matter what your discipline is.

Sunday, March 19

Lateral Work Made Easy.
Clinic will start by reviewing position and testing. Learn how to do lateral work in an easier way that will allow you achieve a better partnership with your horse.
Requirements:  Can have western dressage and classical dressage riders. Riders must wear helmet and have bridles with bits. Riders can be currently schooling lateral work or ready to start learning. cost: $40/rider

Lecture: Fear-Less Riding
Learn tips & techniques to help you go from fear-FULL to fear-Less in your riding..