Steve Tankersly

Steve and Brenda Tankersley

Steve Tankersleywas called into the Ministry in 2013. It was at that time when he joined up and became a Licensed Minister with Cowboys For Christ which is based out of Fort Worth, Tx. On December 21, 2014. He was Ordained as a Cowboy Chaplain by Cowboy Chaplains Of America which is affiliated with Cowboys For Christ. Cowboys For Christ is a Nationwide Ministry that has a proven track record of taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the livestock industry and beyond. CFC has been around for over 40 years and The Lord has opened many doors for us to Minister and share the Gospel. Hundreds of lives have been touched by the Lord through this Ministry. Steve and Brenda recently started “Cowboys For Christ Cowboy Church” in their community where they live which meets on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Although CFC does have “Cowboy Churches’’ they are still very much a “go to them” ministry that goes to cowboys and cowgirls wherever they are gathering, which includes conducting “Cowboy Church” services at rodeos, horse shows, horse sales, trail rides, livestock events, state and county fairs and anywhere and everywhere that we are given the opportunity to minister. These “Cowboy Church” services provide Cowboys, Cowgirls and everyone who is in the area an opportunity to worship while traveling away from their local church. CFC has local chapters that have been established nationwide by faithful servants of the Lord to develop ministry programs and to reach out to the Cowboys and Cowgirls in their area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After becoming a Minister for CFC, Steve and Brenda established their Local Chapter which is called “Round up for Jesus”. Steve has conducted “Cowboy Church” services at several different events throughout western and middle Tennessee as well as Kentucky. Steve willingly accepts the commission from our Lord in Mark 16:15 “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”. Steve and his wife Brenda reside on a small farm in Morris Chapel, Tn, a little community that sits on the west side of the Tennessee River in west Tennessee. When they are not working at their full-time jobs as over the road truck drivers, they enjoy camping, trail riding and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever they are.

Sunday 8:00 AM: Cowboy Church in the Miller Lecture Hall by Pastor Steve Tankersley