Steve Lantvit

Steve has this horse’s full attention

Nationally renowned, Ranch Versatility Horseman, Steve Lantvit, captivates the equine world with a fresh and innovative approach to training individuals and horses. Coupled with decades of experience and knowledge across multiple disciplines, Steve’s training program is built on trust, gentle hands, and a true partnership. Steve’s teaching style provides his students with the “why” and not just the “how” or the “what” giving them the necessary tools to be successful on their own. His techniques are applied on the trail, ranch or in the show pen.

Accomplishments include multiple World Champion and Reserve World Champion titles in Ranch Horse Associations by himself and his clients in Youth and Amateur divisions. Steve strives to help fellow horseman/woman achieve their dreams, overcome obstacles, and to challenge themselves to do the best by the horse and for the horse in and out of the show pen. Traveling across the US sharing his knowledge and passion for horses, Steve enjoys conducting clinics, presenting at Expos, and brings his teachings right into your home with his television series, Steve Lantvit Sure in the Saddle, airing on RFD-TV on Mondays and Thursdays and on the Cowboy Channel Monday-Friday.

Steve’s Clinics

Friday AM: Understanding the Footfall Patterns
Description: Steve teaches the horse’s footfall patterns which is necessary for effective body control. It’s all about timing and knowing when and where to ask for the cue. Create a more responsive,willing horse by learning how to set you and your horse up for success. No outside riders.

Friday PM: Achieving softness in the bridle
Description:Steve shows techniques on how to collect your horse using exercises based on soft-hands and correct leg cues. Steve’s exercises will take you and your horse to a new level whetheron the trail, show pen, or on the ranch. No outside riders.

Saturday: Isolating the Horses Body Parts for Advanced Maneuvers
Description: Steve teaches riders to effectively move specific horse’s body parts to gain control of your horse for advanced maneuvers. Learning how to control your horse’s body parts is essentialfor correct maneuvers such as crisp canter departures, side passing, counter canters, leg yield, etc. No outside riders.

Sunday AM: The foundations of neck-reining
Description: Learn proper rein management techniques for neck reining/one-handed riding. Steve takes the mystery out of neck reining with exercises that will advance your horse into the bridle. Accepting 4 clinic riders.
Rider requirements: Looking for western riders that are looking to improve at neck-reining. Can be new to neck-reining or a more experienced rider/horse looking to advance. Cost $50/rider

Sunday PM: Improve the Side-pass and Leg Yield.
Description: Working on lateral movements such as the side-pass and leg yield apply to real world situations both on the trail and in the show pen. Steve explains the use of leg pressure tocontrol the horse and position for different drills. The clinic riders get a firsthand look on howthese tips help gain control and build confidence in horse and rider. Accepting 4 outside riders.
Rider requirements: We are assuming that riders will apply through Southern Equine Expo and we would like to approve any riders. Looking for western riders that have the fundamentals of leg yielding and side-passing that wish to refine and improve in these maneuvers. Cost $50/rider

To apply to ride with Steve on Sunday: click here to go to Clinic Rider Page

Steve’s Lecture Presentations

Friday: Does your saddle fit
Steve discusses proper Saddle Fit and padding for the comfort of you and your horse.

Saturday:A bit on the bit
Description:Learn more about bits and how to choose the right bit for your horse. Steve explains how the correct bit can dramatically change how your horse responds. Steve will show different snaffle and leverage bits, explain pressure points and what the horse actually feels.