Shirlee Stevens

Shirlee and adopted Mustang

Shirlee Stevens is a dynamic entrepreneur who transformed a small horse ranch in Middle Tennessee into an Airbnb success story. With degrees in Agriculture from Purdue University and Ag and Business teaching credentials from California State University, Chico, after teaching Vocational Agriculture tor 10 years, Shirlee began a career spanning 17 years with two of the largest Banks in America. In the last five years, she successfully created and now operates 17 Airbnb units in four states. Based on the success of her Airbnb offerings hosted out of Cedar Springs Ranch, in Lascassas, TN Shirlee founded a consulting business “Equine Tourism Opportunity” to encourage and enable other horse enthusiasts to capitalize on the properties they already own, incorporating their horses into enticing Airbnb guest experience. In her presentations, learn how to make your horse property generate the income you never dreamed possible by adding Glamour Camping, a Tiny house, or remodel of an existing outbuilding or barn, then how to successfully host and build a top-notch Airbnb reputation. Shirlee’s step by step approach to becoming a successful Airbnb destination and Super Host makes her presentation one of the inspiring, money-making opportunities of the Expo. Sign up for a tour of her Airbnb ranch, at the Equine Tourism Opportunity booth. Cedar Springs Ranch is only about 10 minutes from TN Miller Collesium.