Russ Krachun

Russ Krachun

Russ Krachun

Russ Krachun was born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine where he first developed his passion for the horse while at his Uncle Colin’s farm. It was here that he experienced his first smell of the horse, rode bareback for the first time and learned the history of his ancestors the Cossacks, and how they rode their horses in battle using swords.

These childhood memories also influenced Russ while in his adolescence, to become involved in the sport of fencing. Russ developed his strong athletic ability within nine years and became a professional sabre fencer and awarded reserve junior champion of the whole of Ukraine.

As an adult, Russ immigrated to Canada with his family to pursue his love of the horse and study horsemanship. It is here that he developed his own Kozak Horsemanship equine educational program by using philosophy and methodology, transferred from his own life lessons and lessons learned from becoming a professional athlete.

Russ Krachun Kozak Horsemanship offers equine education in three sequential programs, “Foundation” “Intercommunication” and “Evolution. Each program contains connecting levels that follow step by step to the next level in order to develop understanding, confidence, coordination, muscle memory, balance and ultimately improved performances. A remarkable understanding is developed within the horse without the use of excessive pressure, aggression or harsh tools.

Russ Krachun offers custom signature horsemanship equipment, designed to connect to each program, with the utmost importance of clarity, comfort and safety of the horse in mind.

Russ’s philosophy and methodology has built him recognition throughout his many educational clinics, seminars, lessons and “True Grit” Academy. The welfare of the horse is evident throughout every aspect of his horsemanship education.

Russ Krachun Kozak Horsemanship equine education is “True Horsemanship” and is what many say is the missing link of developing ultimate communication with our horses.

Russ’s Clinics

Friday AM: Developing Muscle Memory & Flexibility in the horse body
Description: Russ Krachun demonstrates step by step methods that develop muscle memory and flexibility in the neck, poll, shoulders, rib cage and hindquarters. This methodology prepares the horse both physically and mentally to perform to the best of their abilities.

Friday PM: Advanced Guiding Methodology.
Description: Russ Krachun shares his philosophy and methodology in educating the horse to travel balanced and coordinated in both sides of the horse body while traveling forward, changing directions and in various speeds and gaits. The methods also develop muscle memory, improve the mental mindset of both the horse and the rider, improve communication, and develop physical abilities for both the horse and the rider under saddle.

Saturday AM: Unconventional Bridle Work Methodology.
Description: Unconventional bridle work methodology prepares the horse both mentally and physically to understand the responses that we desire under saddle. Step by step exercises and bridle work methods are explained to the horse first from the ground and then are transferred under saddle in order to build understanding and muscle memory. The horse learns to understand to give to pressure and will respond willingly under saddle in the bridle without pulling and without resistance.

Saturday PM: Lead Coordination and Balance at Various Speeds
Description: Russ Krachun shares his methods and exercises to develop balance and improve coordination in the left and right sides of the horse body in order to develop a willing and understanding response when asking the horse to travel on the correct lead. These methods and exercises also assist the rider to become better coordinated, improve balance, and become more consistent with their cues, resulting in improved physical abilities and improved riding abilities.

Sunday AM: Foundation Guiding Methodology.
Description: Innovative methods and exercises that educate the horse to guide without drifting inside or outside the arena. Learn methods to travel in straight lines, on the diagonal and in circles at the walk, trot and lope. The methods and exercises also develop riders balance, coordination and help the rider to become more consistent in their cues, resulting with improved performance and improved physical abilities. Accepting five riders.
Requirements: The rider should be physically and mentally be able to rider their horse confidently under saddle at a walk, trot and lope and confident riding with other horses and riders. – The horse should be willing to walk, trot and lope under saddle and be safe around other horses (riders). The horse can be a green safe horse under saddle. Cost $50/rider.

Sunday PM: Confidence, Trust and Solid Minds
Description: Methods to develop confidence, and trust and develop solid minds for both the horse and the rider. Russ Krachun shares his methods of how to improve and control emotions in various situations and environments. A confident and trusting mind is essential and important to both the handler and the horse, not only to perform to the best of their abilities but also for their safety. Accepting five riders.
Requirements: Rider or handle who has a lack of confidence with their horse. Horse that is lacking confidence or may be spooky in real life situations such as around tarps, loud sounds, water, etc. Cost $50/rider.

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