Mike and Stephanie Jennings

Mike and Stephanie Jennings

Mike and Stephanie Jennings own Professional Horse Services, LLC and are based in Round Hill, Virginia. They are the industry leaders in Internet Horse Auctions for the Quarter Horse, Paint and Appaloosa markets as well as for performance horses. They have managed over 300 live horse auctions, selling more than 70,000 horses, including the AQHA World Championship Show Sale, the NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Sale and continue to manage the All American Quarter Horse Congress Super Sale.

The Jennings have been successful showing horses over the years. In 1987, Stephanie was the NRHA World Champion Limited Non Pro rider and Mike was the Reserve World Champion. Stephanie has also been the Congress Champion in Amateur Working Hunter 3 times. Mike has recently been Reserve Champion at the Congress in NRHA Limited Open Reining and NSBA Ranch Riding. Mike was an AQHA approved judge for 35 years and an NRHA judge for 10 years. The Jennings now concentrate on marketing horses and conducting clinics for Reining, Ranch events, Western horsemanship and Working Equitation.

Mike and Stephanie’s Clinics

Friday AM Saturday PM: Introducing AQHA Versatility Ranch Events
Description: Demonstrate the 5 performance events offered in AQHA Versatility Ranch Contests with commentary on how to show.

Friday PM: Introduction to Working Equitation
Description: Learn about this 3 phase event that includes patterns and obstacles. For all breeds and riding levels.

Saturday AM: Ranch Riding – How to Show and Win
Description: How to plan and execute a Winning Run in Ranch Riding.

Sunday AM: Stop and Turn – Help Any Horse Stop and Guide Better
Description: Drills to Improve Control and Guidance for any horse.
Requirements: Rider has basic control of horse at walk, trot and lope, or canter. Can be Western or English. $50/rider.

Sunday PM: Ranch Riding – Show for Success
Description: Ranch Riding- How to prepare, plan and show a winning run.
Requirements: Western horses that have shown or are nearly ready to show. Must walk, trot and lope, and have good basic control. $50/Rider

Mike’s Lectures

Friday: Shopping and Buying Horses
Description: How to Buy the Right Horse for You.

Friday-Sunday: The Secrets of Selling Horses are Not Secrets
Description: How to Make Someone Want to Buy Your Horse

Saturday and Sunday: Shopping and Buying Horses
Description: How to Buy the Right Horse for You.