Heidi Potter

Heidi Potter

Heidi Potter is an internationally known and respected Trainer, Clinician, Instructor and Author, sharing over 50 years of horse experience. Her holistic approach to horsemanship is strongly influenced by her practice in traditional Eastern Martial Arts, bringing mindfulness, awareness, breathing, centering and grounding into her teachings. She is a Centered Riding© Clinician who was fortunate to have learned directly from neighbor, friend, and CR founder, the late Ms. Sally Swift. Heidi is a certified CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) Master Instructor and Clinic Instructor, a Horse Agility Accredited Trainer and a Senior Horse Speak® Instructor.

Heidi is driven by her passion to make interactions better for horses and their humans in a calm and caring manner. Her work with Horse Speak founder Sharon Wilsie has provided a deeper understanding of the true language of the horse, thus creating safer, more respectful and enjoyable partnerships.

Heidi enjoys trail riding and competing in Western Dressage with her Cheval Canadian Horse Riley and spending time with family and friends at her Southern Vermont farm, The New England Center for Horsemanship. She travels locally and abroad to teach clinics on a variety of topics. For more information about Heidi and her work visit www.heidipotter.com

Heidi’s Clinics

Friday PM:Stress-Free Obstacles-Training for Connection
Description: Learn how to answer horse’s most pressing questions about safety in the environment, leadership and how to navigate obstacles in a way that builds mutual confidence. Participants will discover how self-awareness, Horse Speak® techniques, patience and praise help deepen rapport, improve trust and create safer, more enjoyable experiences. Accepting 3 Riders.
Requirement: Horses and their riders can be of any discipline, breed, and level. This “walk only” session needs horses that are safe in a group, public setting. Cost $40/horse.

Saturday PM: Ground, Center & Grow-Improve Comfort, Communication & Balance with the Centered Riding© Basics
Description: Learn how the CR Basics of Soft Eyes, Breathing, Balance and Centering help horses and riders release tension, improve posture and open the pathway for clear communication. The result is a better balanced, connected, precise and harmonious ride. Accepting 3 riders.
Requirements: Walk/Trot to advanced riders of any discipline. Any breed included gaited horses. Horses must be safe in a group in a public setting. Cost $40/rider.

Sunday AM -Part 1Forming a True Partnership-Riding with Awareness, Feel & Connection
Description: This clinic will include techniques in Horse Speak® to better meet the horse’s needs and show him that we are listening and can be his trusted leader. The riders will be applying the basics of Centered Riding to improve their seat, posture and communication. Exercises to help release tension and improve feel will be added, leading these horse/rider partnerships to a new level of trust, connection and harmony. (This clinic will begin in-hand with horses tacked and in halter. Riders should bring bridles & be prepared to ride). Accepting the same four riders for both sessions.
Requirement: Horse and riders of any discipline and level from walk/trot to advance. Horse must be experienced and safe in group, public setting. Cost $100/rider which includes both sessions.

Sunday PM: Part 2Forming a True Partnership-Riding with Awareness, Feel & Connection
Descriptions: This clinic will be a continuation of the AM session with the addition of obstacles. The obstacles offer a chance to deepen understanding about what type of learner their horses are and how best to support them. (Riders again will begin in-hand with horses tacked and in halter. They should bring bridles & be prepared to ride.)

To apply for Heidi’s clinics: Please clinic here to go to the Clinic Application page.

Heidi’s Lectures and Presentations

Friday:Horse Speak®- Becoming a Calm, Clear Leader while Building Trust & Connection.
Description: What worries the horse is always the place to begin. Discover how to listen to your horse’s most pressing concerns and how to responds in a calm, clear, meaningful and enriching way. Lessons learned pave the way for achieving success and relaxation with the many obstacles you will face together. This presentation includes interactive exercises with participants.

Saturday:Ground, Center & Grow-Improve Comfort, Communication & Balance with the Centered Riding© Basics.
Description: This unmounted session will cover the CR basics with a focus improving balance, stability, self-awareness and communication. Hands-on participants will experience the basics using interactive, fun, educational exercises.