Charisse Rudolph

Charisse Rudolph

Charisse Rudolph is the author of “The Art of Facilitation, with 28 Equine Assisted Activities,” and “Be a Leader in All that You Do, a Self-Exam of Your Leadership Effectiveness.” She began her journey in Equine Assisted Services in 2001, wanting to bring her horses into the work with the company she co-owned, “Outdoor Learning Adventures” (OLA). OLA worked with many schools and corporations such as Disney, 20th Century Fox, General Telephone Company, Wells Fargo, etc.

Charisse joined EAGALA and took their training in 2001 and a year later, after she had founded her first non-profit for women and teens she won “The Leadership Award for Contribution to Women.” Charisse began learning The Art of Facilitation in 1992 from the Wilderness Institute and Outward Bound.

In 2011, Charisse received her level two certification with EAGALA. Soon afterwards she founded “Healing Horses & Armed Forces.” Learning everything she could to assist the sons and daughters that were returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan war, Charisse attended and spoke at many veteran organizations, she also worked with several military bases.

In 2013, she was certified as an Equine Specialist in Mental Health with Path Intl., and in 2014, Rising Moon Ranch became a Premier Accredited Center with Path Intl. From there she became a contractor for the Wounded Warriors Project. Soon afterwards, Charisse received her license as a mentor, coach and trainer from the HeartMath Institute and was trained in therapeutic art with, A Window between Worlds.”

Charisse partners with her horses, and combines the Heartmath techniques in addition to, offering therapeutic art and drumming circles. She is an artist, painting the human-equine connection, and author of several books.

Kelly McBride

Kelly McBride, LCSW
Kelly’s love of horses started when she was 6 years old. Since the age of 13, horses have been in Kelly’s life both personally and professionally. Kelly has over 35 years of experience as a horse trainer and instructor. Kelly is the Executive Director and Founder of Rising Star Riders (RSR). RSR is a non-profit therapeutic equine program in Tehachapi, California. RSR provides programs for children and adults with disabilities including children in foster care, trauma survivors and military Veterans.

Kelly is currently working at Koinonia Family Services as a foster care and adoption supervising social worker. In the past, Kelly has worked with survivors or domestic violence and clients with chronic mental illness.

Charisse and Kelly’s Clinics on “Equine Heart Connections”

FRIDAY: How to facilitate the heart connection between horses and humans in equine assisted therapy.
Description: The importance of creating a safe environment physically and emotionally with Equine Assisted Services. Topics include: 1) physical safety with a short explanation of a horse’s reaction to fear, and safety precautions around horses. 2) emotional safety rules. Challenge by choice, Etc. The reason we always have an awareness exercise An intro to Heart Math Techniques and why Charisse combines it with the horses.
Looking for 8 participants.

SATURDAY: The Art of Facilitation and knowing what questions to ask in equine assisted therapy. Description: Processing the Equine Assisted Activity. The Role of the Equine Assisted coach and how the mental health and equine professional work together. There are over a dozen categories of questions you can ask. How do you know which category? Hint: Goal?
Looking for 2, 4, or 6 people

SUNDAY:Program tips on working with horses and Post Traumatic Stress.

Description: A mini training session from start to finish with the emphasis on becoming resilient. Whether you have served our country or not. What is PTSD? How horses guide people to transition. Why Horses?How do you close the program?
Asking for 10 – 12 vets would be great or 5-6 military and their spouses (Ideal)