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The Southern Equine Expo is returning to the Tennessee Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, Tennessee February 26-28, 2021. The Southern Equine Expo will provide a wide scope of activities to horse enthusiasts from all different backgrounds and interests each day of the expo. During the event, attendees will enjoy clinics presented by nationally known horsemen, educational seminars, interactive demonstrations, as well as an opportunity to shop a wide variety of vendor booths.

Keeping in line with our two main objectives, to promote the horse industry as a whole and to provide an educational portal for horse enthusiast, we invite all breed associations, special interests and disciplines to showcase their horses and events. Throughout Tennessee’s rich history, horses have played a vital role in the state’s past. The Southern Equine Expo provides an excellent outreach opportunity for all horse groups to attract new members, reconnect with old friends and build new alliances.

In an effort to promote each breed and/or riding discipline association, the Southern Equine Expo is offering affordable vendor space to non-profit associations that meet the criteria below. For maximum exposure, we encourage current or major event champions to represent your association during the Expo. Horses and riders will be introduced along with description of your association will be presented throughout the expo We hope that you will join us in 2020.

For complete information, please CLICK HERE to download the Horse Packet.

For Breed Associations wishing to have a table or booth at the Southern Equine Expo, please CLICK HERE to download and complete the vendor form.

If you are interested in being a part of Southern Equine Expo 2021, please email

Important Information for Breed and Discipline Association Participants

The following information is for organizations participating in horse related activities during Southern Equine Expo. This material includes specific information about each type of activity and requirements for those activities.

The Breed Demonstrations Selection Process

  1. Groups representing the national & state organizations will be given first consideration. No individual horse owners will be permitted to represent a breed independent of an official association. Individuals who are interested in having their breed represented at the Southern Equine Expo are encouraged to contact their breed associations and get them involved.
  2. Vendor booth will be assigned by the SEE management to individual associations on a first come first serve basis. Breed and/or riding discipline associations receive a discounted vendor rate. Only one breed may occupy a vendor booth.
  3. Event management retains the right to limit the number of representatives per breed or discipline or to decline or prohibit participation by an animal/farm/owner, which in the management’s opinion is not suitable to and in keeping with the character of Southern Equine Expo.
  4. After receiving vendor agreement, association representative will be sent packets to distribute to interested individuals to bring horses for demonstrations. Live demonstrations are not required. However, live demonstrations my increase awareness and promote association activities.
  5. Groups selected will have two (2) 10-minute demonstrations during the weekend. The demonstration will be held in the coliseum and/or Horse Science Arena.
  6. Horses will be invited to place two horses in the demonstration stalls located in the Warm up arena for 30 minutes each day. The demonstration stalls provide an opportunity for people to learn more about the horses shown in the breed demo and about the breed or discipline. Times will be selected by the Organizers.
  7. Demos may not be used to promote stallions, farms, sales or other commercial activities. Please remember that Parade of Breeds is to be an educational demonstration highlighting your breed and or riding discipline.
  8. Due to space constraints, the total number of stalls allowed per group will be limited. You will be notified of the stalls available in the acceptance letter.
  9. After receipt of all requested information, each organization will be informed of the exact time for their demonstrations.
  10. Please be sure to indicate the amount of time you would like for your demonstration, trying to keep it to maximum of 10 minutes.
  11. Each group will receive two (2) badges per horse. Additional badges may be purchased in advance or on-site. Group members will not receive additional wristbands if they are selected to participate in any other additional areas of the Southern Equine Expo.
  12. Each person involved group presentation must complete individual Release, Waiver, & Indemnity Agreement.